Jason DiPopolo, UX/UI Designer

Embrace Simplicity

with a lean UX/UI design approach.

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Visual Design Expertise

Work experience designing consistent UI design systems for enterprise applications, design graduate, typography geek, Praxis-certified to teach art, art/design history buff.

Upfront Communication

Collaboration with designers and a design leader within agile, cross-functional teams. The team will learn design decisions are backed by data, research, and best practices.

Actionable Approaches

I love to build things we can act on. Adobe, Figma, prototypes, wireframes, mockups, responsive and mobile-first design, front-end development (HTML, CSS, JavaScript).


About Me

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Higher education trained in design, 6 years in the industry, and 2 years in UX/UI for SaaS. Expertise in supporting internal UX maturity transitions. Passionate in creating an environment where user-centered design thrives. Curious, always seeking to be humble in heart, and excited to learn. I'll always look forward to creating selfless experiences together.

Outside of UX/UI design, I learn to grow in entrepreneurship, leather craft, graphic design, my meditation practice and I am continuously fascinated by philosophy, Christianity, and maturing in my own personal ethics.

Let's Talk

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