Jason DiPopolo, UX/UI Designer

Embrace Simplicity

with a lean UX/UI design approach.

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In large scale and personal projects, I reach out to real users and deploy a variety of user research methods to ensure our design assumptions are as accurate as can be.

Visual Design

My type and image/motion compositions are all founded on hierarchy, grids, readability, findability, brand research, consistency, and of course user research.

Maker Mindset

I build design systems, mobile and desktop wireframes and hi-fi designs to front-end development. I deploy websites with Netlify and manage it all through Github.


About Me

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Hey! I'm Jason, a UX/UI Designer based in New Jersey. With 6+ years of experience in Design, I'm passionate about user-centered solutions, beautiful web design, and frontend web development. I specialize in UX/UI Design and have had the privilege of working with the US Air Force, Plastik Comb Magazine, and presidential candidate, Andrew Yang's non-profit, Humanity Forward.

When I'm not working, you can find me [Hobbies or Interests]. Let's connect and start a conversation.

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