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Delivering communication between engineering and customers by designing data-driven, UI, product prototypes based in UX research.

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Jason "instills confidence and reliability"

Trusted to design for a 500k+ user base

Those who work with Jason have said he's positive, innovative, proactive, a team player, mindful, leaves his ego at the door, a consistent volunteer, and a design leader.


70% Boost in Usability

based on before and after usability test scores


6+ Years Experience

in the visual design industry


2+ Years Experience

in the Tech industry for SaaS


5 Accessibility Issues

Found for every 1 work item worked on


Some of the most enjoyable adventures Jason has led recently.

Featured Image for Navigation UX Study
diversity_1 UX

MyWaypoint's Navigation UX

In-depth card sorting sessions with our users swing our navigation's grouping, labels, and overall user comprehension in a powerful, new direction.

Featured Image for Reusme Builder Redesign
draw UI

Resume Builder Redesign

Sloppy, non-intuitive layout is revamped into an easy-to-use product via UI and visual design best practices.

Featured Image for the Halfway Web App
code Frontend data_object Backend


Leveraging Google Maps APIs to help users find places to meet up halfway in between each other. Built with Node.js.


Unforgettable moments and friends made along the way.

Cares deeply for customers

"Jason is an absolute pleasure to work with. His passion, work ethic and drive to succeed has proven to be an asset to not only his agile teams but the UX community here at BAM. He cares deeply for customers and users, and this is evident by his eagerness to learn more about User Centered Design and advancing his skill set to make the best product he can.”

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Sandy Carter
UX Manager at BAM Technologies

Dependable, positive and strategic

"He is dependable, positive and strategic when carrying out design decisions for his team. He was always open to helping other designers understand complicated topics and details related to his team's domain. He also has animation skills, which made him an excellent leader for the 'Micro Interactions Guild', where we collaborated to define and thoughtfully include animations into the platform we designed for.”

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Adanma Ojukwu
UX/UI Designer at BAM Technologies

Risk-averse iterative approach

"Jason met me where I was and developed my app with a risk-averse iterative approach. He showed that he strives to build things correctly in a way that reflects your vision. He would be a great partner for any project.”

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UX/UI Designer on Halfway

A miracle come true

Many thanks to Jason and team... this project is a beast and what we are seeing is akin to a miracle come true after all these years!!!!!”

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A Happy Customer

Beyond the typical UI/UX role

"Jason continues to excel and go beyond the typical UI/UX role here at BAM. From the time I've worked with him it seems like he is always taking on new challenges and trying to get better. He always tries to understand things from the dev and customer perspective, not just as designer. I've worked with designers in the past who just kind of made the design and that was it, no interaction or anything."

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Teammate at BAM Technologies

Fantastic UX

"A fantastic UX upgrade from what we originally did. Wow what a difference. Very nice work."

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Tech Lead and Agile Coach at BAM Technologies


Because there's nothing more powerful than thinking for yourself.

import_contacts Book Overview Sep 2020

Talking to Humans

The top practices today in customer discovery for lean startup business models are covered in Giff Constable’s Talking to Humans. I wanted share what I learned in my time reading it.

Author avatar Jason DiPopolo
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About Jason

Less about work and more about who Jason is personally.

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Hi, I'm Jason. While I'm a fanatic about design, there's plenty to life that's bigger than it. Philosophy, Christianity, and questions about what's truly valuable are paramount to my way of seeing the world. In philosophical thought, my most cherished findings have been:

  • Loving people matters more than proving you're right to them.
  • Planning is good, but execution is better.
  • The more need for certainty you can let go of, the more free you are.