MyWaypoint's Navigation UX

In-depth card sorting and user interview sessions with our users swing our navigation's grouping, labels, and overall user comprehension in a powerful, new direction.

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Telling the story of a massive platform's navigation redesign

How I took a step towards learning more about a platform's navigation and information architecture through it's users.

Page: MyVector Homepage Before UX input

Breaking years of zero UX input in sitemap architecture

Navigation was a mess, with 3 disjointed main nav menus, requiring consolidation.

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Screenshot: Card Sort with Users

Performed 15 sessions of 88-card Moderated Card Sorts with 20 users

And user interviews where users stress tons of opportunities for improvement.

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Page: Homepage (Mega Menu Opened)

Data-Informed Mega Menu + More

For such a deep platform, collaboration with UI designers led to a new navbar with user-centered page groupings and search functionality.

dashboard overview

Page: My Profile

Discovered users wish to find way more info on themselves on their profile

Simply listing links to pages that include info that belong to a user allows them to see it all in one place rather than scattered across the site.

9/15 users
created a group to place “their things”
7/9 users
named the group something synonymous with “My Profile”
* Recommendation from in-house experts

Pages: My Profile (top) and Update My Profile (bottom)

Users confuse pages with similar or generic titles

And other times, they reasonably disagree with our in-house experts.

of non-admin page placement, users disagreed with company's in-house experts
of page's original titles failed to be comprehended by 80% or more users
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A small step toward an intuitive future

Lower UX maturity at the company meant having to prove the ROI of UX and be scrappy with the tools that we had. I was grateful to lead this UX research initiative on a massive platform that has a deep need for improved information architecture. While I performed the UX work alone, I could not have done the project without the UI designers, my manager, business subject matter experts, and our user participants.

To abide by a non-disclosure agreement, company, client, and product identities have been obscured in this case study.

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