Leveraging Google Maps APIs to help users find places to meet up halfway in between each other. Built with Node.js.

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What happens when a user inputs 2 addresses and clicks "Find Halfway Point"

I had to problem-solve to figure out how this would all work behind the scenes in the code.


Addresses are converted to sets of latitude and longitude with the Google Maps API

Do the Math

A formula uses our sets of latitude and longitude to find the halfway point's coordinates

Reverse Engineer Links

on Google Maps to give users a link to their specific query on Halfway

Designer shares "Jason developed my app with a risk-averse, iterative approach"

At the end of the project, the project's designer shared "Jason met me where I was and developed my app with a risk-averse iterative approach. He showed that he strives to build things correctly in a way that reflects your vision. He would be a great partner for any project."

Try the Web App

A personal project that is simple, easy, and fun to use

A small project maintaining a low-scope, but with practical uses sounded like such a fun project when the designer brought it to my attention. The concept came from the need for a helpful tool that would help her meet up with her friends who live an hour away.

We found similar tools, but they all felt lacking in ease of use, readability, and professionalism. So we built Halfway.

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